I am so happy to see you land here.

I believe nothing is by chance and you are right where you need to be!

My name is Julia, otherwise known as Aria-Bella and I am here to guide your way down the path of truly LIVING.

Stepping out of the shadows of the fears that hold you back. Stepping out of just surviving and allowing the past to define who we are right now. To stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with life. and instead…

To stepping into all of that you are.

To stepping into joy and a zest for life, even for the ordinary and mundane.

To stepping into knowing and accepting all of you.

To LOVING yourself.


I get it. I truly do. I have been there, standing, well hanging off that cliff of fear, overwhelm and stuck in the revolving door of surviving but not enjoying life.

My life was made up of constant panic attacks, depression and a sense of doom that seemed to hang over me not matter what I tried to do.

I knew I wanted out, I wanted it all to be better, but had no fucking clue how that was going to happen.

So I see you, I hear you and I honour you.

It is truly a brave thing you have done, touching down on this page.

To having a small portion of you ready for the next step even though you may be freaking the hell out and not even knowing what it looks like.

Yet something brought you here.

And I am so glad it did.

You can begin to know me in so many ways…

Go check out the podcast and start listening to the episodes that draw you in.

Go follow me on insta and send me a DM to say Hiiiii! I love making new friends.

You can also head to the youtube channel I share with my bestie and you can find guidance, meditations and our rambles.

Right now I want you to place a hand over your heart. Go on right now!

And affirm to yourself: I am safe and we are home. I have found my next step.


Massive blessings to you.


You can start here

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